Promoting Healthcare Workforce Diversity

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LatinMed seeks to promote healthcare workforce diversity by creating more Latina(o) physicians. If you seek a career in healthcare then join our community. We are here to empower you!

Our Community

Welcome to the LatinMed Website, a community seeking to encourage students in their pursuit of a career in medicine. Founded by Dr. Juan Guerra, this website will share with you the resources that will get you off to a great start in your journey. It’s never too early to plan your journey, so make yourself the most well prepared premed student and check our site for direction and resources. We have created this website with your goals in mind, and with the challenges you may face.

Dr. Guerra, an obstetrician in Northern California, would have appreciated this website’s information and resources early in his trajectory. While nothing replaces hard work and commitment, knowing the ins and outs of applying to medical school is critical to your success.

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