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Promoting healthcare workforce diversity


LatinMed is part of the large network of institutions, organizations, and individuals with one goal:

Create more Latina(o) physicians and help promote healthcare workforce diversity!

How important is the health of our communities? What could be the impact of bad health within a significant segment of our workforce and consumer public? Our subject addresses a trend that could have a far-ranging impact on these issues. Healthy citizens contribute more to our nation’s economy and well-being than sick ones.

Concerning Trend

  • Latino Physician 1980 1.1%
  • Latino US Population 1980 6.4%
  • Latino Physician Today .8%
  • Latino Population Today 17.6%

But why is there a shortage of Latina/o physicians?

While there are several factors, let’s focus on some main ones. First, many Latinos live in communities with under-resourced school districts and thus do not receive the adequate science and math preparation to excel in the premed curriculum.

Second, the traditional premed experience that awaits Latina/o students continues to be one that focuses on “weeding out” students rather than encourage, nurture and develop their talent!

Third, we must engage students to share with them the roadmap to success.

The secret to our success?

Reversing the trend and empowering Latinos!

One of the biggest challenges for Latinos is the uncertainty and almost overwhelming discouragement of not knowing how to go about reaching a goal. To address this issue we have laid out a roadmap for you to follow to success. Whether you are in grade school, middle school, high school or college, you will find very helpful information and motivation on our website.

Writer & Physician


Read about the start of Dr. Guerra’s journey in medicine (The Little Doctor/El doctorcito, available on Amazon). Utilize our Latino Workbook as well (see our Store). Finally, consider having Dr. Guerra speak at your school function or organization event.

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